The Nutcracker

Nov 29–Dec 29, 2019


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Cast shot of The Nutcracker


Citizens Bank Opera House
539 Washington St, Boston

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Approximately 2 hrs

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November 1, 2019


Whether you're seeing it again or for the first time, The Nutcracker will capture your imagination and transport you to a magical world of brave toy soldiers and dancing snowflakes. Follow Clara as she embarks on her journey filled with colorful characters, breathtaking costumes, and majestic scenery. From the captivating dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy to the iconic snow scene, this classical ballet—set to the beloved music of Tchaikovsky—continues to enthrall audiences of all ages. Based on E.T.A. Hoffmann's dreamlike novella, The Nutcracker brings to life a cast of enchanted characters, from the evil Mouse King to the charming Nutcracker Prince. Slip away into the warm drawing room of the Silberhaus family and watch as Clara's surroundings transform before your eyes. The Nutcracker offers an opportunity to share the magic of the holidays with those you love. Create an annual tradition with family and friends and join us for one of New England's most beloved holiday events.


Date Time Location(s) and Price(s)
Sat November 30   1:30 PM   Dress Circle Left (Row BB) $92.00
Dress Circle Right (Row BB) $92.00
Dress Circle Right (Row CC) $92.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row K) $92.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row M) $92.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row M) $92.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row N) $92.00
Sun December 1   1:30 PM   Orchestra Left Center (Row M) $92.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row N) $92.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row O) $92.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row P) $92.00
Sun December 1   6:00 PM   Mezzanine Left Center (Row C) $81.00
Mezzanine Right Center (Row C) $81.00
Orchestra Right (Row M) $81.00
Orchestra Right (Row O) $81.00
Fri December 6   7:30 PM   Orchestra Left Center (Row L) $81.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row I) $81.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row J) $81.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row K) $81.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row L) $81.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row M) $81.00
Sat December 14   1:30 PM   Orchestra Right Center (Row N) $89.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row O) $89.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row P) $89.00
Fri December 20   1:30 PM   Orchestra Left Center (Row A) $69.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row C) $69.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row D) $69.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row A) $69.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row C) $69.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row D) $69.00
Sat December 21   1:30 PM   Orchestra Left Center (Row H) $115.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row I) $115.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row H) $115.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row I) $115.00
Sun December 22   1:30 PM   Orchestra Left Center (Row C) $115.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row D) $115.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row C) $115.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row D) $115.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row G) $115.00
Fri December 27   7:30 PM   Orchestra Left Center (Row A) $86.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row C) $86.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row D) $86.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row A) $86.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row C) $86.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row D) $86.00
Sat December 28   1:30 PM   Orchestra Left Center (Row M) $55.00
Orchestra Left Center (Row N) $55.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row M) $55.00
Orchestra Right Center (Row N) $55.00

Prices reflect a discount off box office prices.